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Keep the Dream 196 operates in 85 communities in

Moapani District, Limpopo Province, South Africa.


Home-based caregivers working in Greater Tzaneen sub-district identified vulnerable children becoming victims of crime, teen pregnancy, poverty, failure at school, stigma and discrimination. After research into the effectiveness of child support programs in South Africa and internationally, Keep the Dream 196 began in 2003.

The challenge was to provide a sustainable, low-cost program offering holistic care for orphans and vulnerable children. The keys were to develop skills within local communities to support children whilst involving the children themselves in the process of building capacity into the next generation.

Khanyisa and Nkulu Mabuza

Two of the original 13 Scouts from 2003


Current weekly attendance:

2 456 children in 85 villages in Greater Tzaneen sub-district.

Focus programs for children:

  1. HIV/AIDS Prevention                               

  2. First Aid

  3. Sustainable Livelihoods

  4. Children’s Rights and Equity

  5. Leadership Training Project

38 young adults (aged 18 to 30) have entered the 3rd level of the Leadership Training Project to become mentors for younger children.

Since 2003, Keep the Dream has also run over 100 camps catering for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Currently over 125 volunteers across 85 villages work with Keep the Dream 196.

Training Programs for Caregivers:

  1. Providing the Life Skills Program

  2. Providing sessions for children affected by HIV/AIDS

  3. Development of child specific communication skills.

Community Networking

Keep the Dream 196 works with 19 Community Based Organisations who are trained to run the Life-Skills program and in organisational development such as policy writing, proposal writing and budgeting.

Keep the Dream 196 works with tribal authorities in villages and is developing parent groups to help sustain the project.




Keep the Dream's primary focus is empowering children to become role models for their peers and leaders within their communities through regular, ongoing mentoring programs.

Tsako Ngobeni comments on his involvement with scouts;

a core component of Keep the Dream 196's program:

To be a scout makes me be a good person because my past life was bad. Because I did not know where I was going but after I have joined scouts I have changed a lot. I know where I am going and I have some knowledge of how to improve and achieve my goals all because of scouts. Scouts also makes me to be a respected person. I am proud to be a scout and I like the way I am.

Training Programs for Children:

  1. Building Resilience

  2. Rights and Responsibilities

  3. First Aid

  4. Boys 2 Men (Training young men what it means to be a man in South Africa.)

  5. Leadership Training

  6. Sexual and Reproductive Health

  7. Food For Life

Thlapedi Primary School

participating in the Food For Life project

Training programs for Peer Educators:

  1. Self Discipline

  2. Self Development

  3. Team Work

  4. Income Generation Skills

  5. Communication

  6. Management Skills

  7. Advocacy


Quality training and ongoing support provided by Keep the Dream 196 develops skills and confidence in the adults working with children.

Training programs for Caregivers:

  1. Counselling

  2. Scouts

  3. Building Resilience in Children

  4. Communication Skills with Children

  5. Children’s Rights and ResponsIbilities

  6. Grants Access

Patrol Leaders Training Unit


Individuals are assisted to overcome difficulties to realise their full potential and contribute to the building of South Africa. The rights-based approach focusses on strengthening families and communities.