Morebright Zhou

1996 - 2012

In early July, I crossed paths with a desperate African mother and her critically ill son; Morebright. Without adequate resources, the mother and Morebright’s elder brother managed to transport the sick boy, as well as luggage, from their rural home to hospital... in over-crowded local buses. In hospital, they continued to care for and watch over him day by day.

For a moment, we shared this journey. During the past week, we waited anxiously to learn of his condition. There was hope and smiles, despair and tears.

Morebright, his eyes filled with confusion and pain, never cried out, never complained.

Morebright Zhou passed away July 11, 2012.

I Saw You

Too briefly we crossed paths in Africa,

But I saw you.

I saw your big brother carry you in his arms,

And I glimpsed the depth of love he had for you.

I held your outstretched hand,

And I touched a boy of unimaginable courage.

I saw you smile. Once.

And I could see how much you enjoyed life.

You said, “Thanks,”

And I felt your warm spirit.

I saw your desperate heartbeat,

And I imagined dreams you longed for.

I heard your breaths,

And I prayed life give you countless more.

I saw your mother’s tears,

And I feared for her.

Your brother said, “Morebright rest...”
And I cried.

I saw your big brother carry you once more,

Dressed in your smart shirt.

Too briefly we crossed paths in Africa,

But I saw you.

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